• Gustavo Artusio

    Foundation Member

    A business man with innate passion for helping children.

  • Patel Sunitkumar

    With his help from India, this foundation is going bring a smile on many children's face.

  • Pascal Federle

    Founders Member

    Pascal is a Therapist, always ready to leave and bring his help from France to the world. His passion for children and for people make the difference.

  • Vincent Piscitello

    Founders Member

    Vincent has a wide experience in working with foundation and association in the world and as a volunteer supporting children.

  • Gianvito Ricciardone

    Founders Member

    Gianvito has a fenomenal experience in international relashionships and is oriented to travel for his mission in this foundation.

  • Benedetto Cancemi

    Founders Member

    He is passionate to work the the well being of children specially foster care.

  • Fabrizio Di Silvio

    Founders Member

    Fabrizio is a good learner and a great teacher, and has passion to work for children.

  • Nicole Ganier

    Founders Member

    She is the sweetest with children. A mother and a volunteer with a real passion for children and big heart. With her passion this foundation can accomplish important results.